Taking care of leather is similar to taking care of a baby’s skin. Since it is delicate, we need to keep the condition of the leather as smooth, moisturized, and clean as possible. Since most elevator shoes for men, especially formal designs, are essentially made of leather, we need to maintain the quality of leather like how we take care of our skin.

The leather is usually made of animal skin and these elevator shoes are no exception. The first thing you have to learn about leather is once you stop taking care of it, they will be of no use to you in due time. For example, height elevator shoe brand Chamaripa shoe uses cow skin leather for the outer material and pig skin as lining. Leather sometimes breaks once you use it on a daily basis and do not know how to clean it properly. Unlike canvas shoes or rubber shoes, leather shoes require a specific way of cleaning because you just can’t soak the lifted shoes to the water and tumble it.

Care for those who know what the leather is for their shoe, we have put together various items that they need to take care of their leather shoes.

For rough leather: A suitable shoe leather brush

For smooth leather: A damp, soft cloth Special cleaning agents for the corresponding upper leather

For rough leather: A special care lotion & impregnation spray

For smooth leather: optional shoe polish (with or without color) or leather wax

For rough leather: a brush to roughen

For smooth leather: Optionally a polishing cloth or a polishing brush


The care steps

Do you have all the utensils for the care of your leather shoes ready? Fine! Then it can start now with the care. We'd like to give you step-by-step instructions on how to get the perfect results.

1. Brushing is important

One thing I have learned over the years is the importance of brush in my life. There’s a specific brush for my hair and teeth as well as for my height raising shoes. Gently brush the leather of your elevator shoes with a soft-haired brush or damp cloth. To keep good condition of your shoes, ensure you wipe off the dirt before and after you use it.

2.Box it if you are not using it

A shoe box is included whenever you buy a new pair of shoes. It is there to keep your shoes away from invisible dirt and fundamentally for storage. Put your elevator shoes back in the shoe box if you are not using them, and keep them in a room temperature storage and away from sunlight. If you feel like the shoes are cluttering your closet, keep your men elevator shoes in a shoe bag. If the pair you bought did not provide them, you can visit the nearest grocery store and purchase them. A wise suggestion is to purchase at least 10 for your other leather goods.

3. Do not just clean the outside, the inside counts too

We sometimes forget to clean the inside of our shoes and tend to only focus on the outside. This practice should be avoided at all costs and must always be wary at all times. To prevent your feet from getting fungi, always use disinfectants to keep both your shoes and your feet odor free.

4. Dry wet shoes properly

What sounds so banal at first, is in fact not quite as self-explanatory. When drying leather shoes, you can make fatal mistakes that can ruin your shoe. Of course, we would like to prevent that, so here is a short guide:

First, you should take off your soaked shoes as soon as possible.

Then remove the also wet shoelaces and open the shoe as far as possible.

Put your darlings in a warm room on some newspaper or kitchen towels.

Put some paper towels crumpled in the shoes, so it can absorb the moisture from the inside.

Every so often replaces the damp paper with something new. Please do not use too much paper to press into the shoe, otherwise, the leather may buckle unsightly.

If your shoe has only partially become wet, moisten the rest of the shoe to avoid water rims. If your shoe has a leather sole, place it on a net or place it on its side to allow the sole leather to dry well. In rubber soles, however, the leather shoe can stand upright. If the shoe is only slightly damp then use a shoe tree. This prevents the upper leather from contracting. This could lead to unsightly wrinkles and raised sole edges that make wearing uncomfortable. In the worst case, the shoe does not suit you afterward.

Please do not try to dry the shoes faster by blow-drying them or placing them directly on the heater or on a fireplace. The direct heat dries out the leather and it quickly becomes brittle. Keep your leather shoes dry enough and stay patient.

5. Remove coarse dirt

Cleaning brush and elevator leather boots First, the coarse dirt and dust must be removed from the surface of the shoe. With Rauleder you succeed best with a suitable shoe brush. For smooth leather, however, a damp cloth is recommended. This should only be wet and not dripping wet, otherwise, you will soften the leather and have to start drying again. Also, be careful not to rub, just wipe gently.