So many questions are circulating about elevator shoes. Some find them funny while there are also buyers who are interested to know about these elevator shoes sneakers. However, the questions we want to know are not found just by searching on the internet. Which is why we prepared these top ten facts you need to know about elevator shoes:

Question 1: What are elevator shoes?

Chamaripa Shoes is an online store that sells elevator shoes. They offer a variety of shoe designs from formal shoes to tall sneakers to sandals with at least two inches in additional height found in between the insole and the outsole. The said extra elevation is placed carefully that it can’t be seen by anyone and only you know about it.

Question 2: Are elevator shoes different from other shoes?

They are just like your normal shoes made for everyday use and from excellent quality. If you are wondering how it’s because the designs are competing with the trends in the shoe industry. Elevator shoes sneakers from different brands also ensure the exterior of the designs from color to size are the same, but they’re sneakers that make you taller.

Question 3: Are elevator sneakers painful?

These hidden heels sneakers are comfortable. However, it is important to note that shoes, whether they are expensive or not, may hurt if you wear them all day. Remember that no matter how expensive your shoes are, they can still hurt at midnight.

But if we are just talking about the general idea of elevator shoes, it safe to note that these elevator sneakers designed for comfort. The lifts are placed carefully in a manner where the feet can withstand a long day even with extra elevation. More so that the function of the lifts can actually fix bad posture.

According to some studies, bad posture is a result of different factors from sitting all day in front of a computer or from a medical condition that can lead to back pain, neck pain, as well as other unfortunate conditions. However, bad posture can be fixed through proper care.

Question 4: What are the lifts?

Lifts are the main reason why elevator sneakers or height increasing sneakers are different from normal shoes found in the market. The lifts are the thickened area of the shoes that can vary from a minimum of two inches to a maximum of 5 inches, while some even more. The lifts can be made from rubber, wood, plastic, or leather, depending on the design of the shoes.

Question 5: Can Chamaripa men’s elevator shoes really make you look taller?

The answer is yes. If you want to look tall but don’t want anyone to know about them, elevator shoes are your best option. Not only do they help men look taller, but they can also make you feel confident if you wear them. Why? The designs are cool and it can work with different types of personalities and styles.

Question 6: Are elevator shoes just for short people?

Well, yes but not entirely. The average height of men in the United States in 5 foot 9.5 inches and though that may look tall to some countries, but not in the United States. Did you know that Hollywood actor Tom Cruise was spotted multiple times wearing elevator shoes? He used them during red carpet events and even in some of his movies to look taller than his leading ladies. Other elevator shoe enthusiasts include the “Ironman” star Robert Downey Jr., “Harry Potter” actor Daniel Radcliffe, among others.

Question 7: What are the different types of elevator shoes?

If you are looking for different designs, elevator shoes offer formal shoes, oxford shoes, athletic shoes, sneakers, sandals, rubber shoes, hiking boots, dress shoes, and canvas shoes. Almost, if not, all the shoe styles can be elevator shoes. Did you know that there are other brands who can do bespoke shoes to fit the height of lifts you want? Yes, just make sure you know where to look.

Question 8: Where can I buy elevator shoes?

You can buy elevator shoes from a physical store and through online shopping. Chamaripa shoes’ website is carefully designed to make shopping easier for you. Aside from the categorized sections, this elevator shoe brand also has an extensive profile about the beauty of elevator shoes. Moreover, they also explained their process of producing elevator shoes and all the steps are stated in their profile.

Question 9: Aside from elevator shoes, what are the other ways to look tall?

If elevator shoes aren’t your thing, you can try other ways to look tall. First, you need to include exercise in your daily routines such as stretching and another cardio workout. You can also try boxing just to stretch out your inactive muscles. This also means you can’t be lazy if you want to look tall. Other ways to look tall is to take a picture from the bottom angle to accentuate your legs.

Question 10: Are elevator shoes worth it?

The undisputed answer here is yes. All the nine facts mentioned above are enough reasons for you to jump on board and make elevator shoes a part of your daily lifestyle. If you are a sneakerhead like me, try the elevator shoe version of white sneakers. The leather is made from excellent material and you can even get two more inches in height.

Final Take: Try elevator shoes sneakers

Since sneakers are a big thing in fashion right now, we suggest looking for elevator shoes that can make you look dapper with your personal style as well as look tall in the office.

Whichever style of shoes you like from leather to rubber to different colors, all you really have to do is give it a shot. Sneakers are really in right now and we want you to be included with the latest trends. Just look for the designs that can blend well with the rest of your closet and use them every day.