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A man’s confidence is often judged by his appearance. Confidence is a judgmental factor that is allotted to tall people as if those who aren’t tall don’t have confidence, especially men. To boost this confidence, one of the greatest inventions is the development of height increasing shoes. Everyone cannot be tall; but if we live in a world of prejudice at first sight, then those who wished can be as tall as they want, earning themselves the ‘smart ones’ prejudice.  Also known as elevator shoes, height increasing shoes are created to make you as a person appear taller than you are actually.

It might be a bit embarrassing to realize that you are the most ‘down-to-earth’ person in a gathering. It is intimidating. Hence you can choose to stock your rack with shoes to look taller.

How do elevator shoes work?

Do you wonder how to look taller with shoes? Here is the myth! These shoes are created with internal linings and raised heels, such that the wearer is balanced on a raised, inbuilt platform. In men’s fashion, the most popular height addition has been the heel at the sole of a shoe, outwards. However, elevator shoes offer a trick that hides the secret of height. The extra height lifter is hidden in the shoe. For classic and international brands as Chamaripa shoes, an elevator shoe consists of an outsole, Chamaripa increasing layer, and insoles!

Are you familiar with a shoe filler? Exactly! Something like that. That is how a shoe elevator looks like. However, while the front (from the toes to the instep) is flat, the heel is raised. The raised platform is known as an insole or a shoe lift.  Hence, these height extenders for shoes make you feel your heels are raised and you seem a bit pushed forward. The feeling is normal; you will get accustomed to it after walking around for a couple of hours, the first time. Depending on how high you want to get, shoe elevators exist in different heights. Men’s dress shoe heel heights range from 2 inches to 6 inches.

Look and appearance

Elevator shoes do not look so different when compared to normal shoes. Hence, it is not obvious to a random onlooker to know that this shoe is a height-increasing shoe for men. However, when carefully observed, the shoes:

  • Often look a bit bigger for peculiar shoe sizes
  • Appear to be slightly bulgy on the sides
  • Occasionally, look a bit taller on the inside

The difference from a regular shoe would be its insole.

What types are there?

Elevator shoes can accompany your dress of choice. They are fashionable with corporate wears, casual outfit, and even sport wears. Therefore, no matter your dress of choice, you can always get high heel shoes for men in the likes of corporate shoes; including lace-up, brogue, monk; tennis, and joggers.


Height increment: Elevator shoes make you appear taller without making it obvious that you are on a heel, nor make you look awkward. Your classy looks with your dress of choice are retained. You can get as taller as 6 inches more with 6-inch elevator shoes!

Enhanced Confidence: It is a proven fact that those people with short or lesser heights are often intimidated by others’ height. Wearing height increasing shoes boosts your confidence when visiting places where people with shorter heights are intimidated. You can literally walk with your heels, shoulders, and head high!

Attractiveness: You know what they say about Tall, cool, and handsome men? Practically everyone likes them as much as they look more attractive to the feminine gender. Wearing height-increasing shoes brings you into the category of attractive tall men.

Promotes wellness: Using elevator shoes for men promotes wellness. If you use them, your legs are stretched and the push-up effect reaches up to the spine. Walking around with stretched muscles for a few hours keeps your body fit. In fact, it is an equivalence to a sprint.

Is it a common fashion?

Of course, it is! Elevator shoes are not a new invention. They have been around since 1977. Even though back then, they were not as comfortable as we have it now. However, these shoes remain secret to those who wear them. More recently, it has become more popular with many people specifically demanding for them from shoe suppliers. Most of those people you see at Gala Nights, TV shoes, Award Nights, etc., put on elevator shoes!

Actors, musicians, and top office professionals patronize elevator shoes! Hence, it is no more a secret. In fact, it has become an acceptable and acknowledged fashion sense.

Choosing elevator shoes

Is there a way to use a pair of elevator shoes? Of course, there is. You can’t just use any shoe to any dress. For each occasion, there is a required match of men’s dress shoes that make you look taller. Here are tips on how to choose the right height increasing shoes for your day.

When choosing, choose quality. For the desire to increase your height, don’t go for what will hurt your feet or something that is beaten out of a clean shape.

  • Let formal (corporate) wears go with formal shoes. When putting on a shirt and pants or a suit and pants, you should wear formal elevated shoes like lace-ups, Derby, Oxford, Brogue and the likes. When considering men’s dress shoes that make you tallerfor corporate occasions, choose the Black or Brown colours. They keep your looks professional and formal.
  • For casual wears like a t-shirt and jeans, or a round-necked vest with pants, you can go for elevated shoes like sneakers, and other (matching) colour shoes.
  • For a mixed dress pattern; a tucked in shirt over jeans or a t-shirt and jeans with a blazer, you can confide in elevator sneakers or loafers. Height increasing ankle shoes are good too.

Are they safe and healthy?

Yes. Height increasing shoes are totally healthy. They do not affect your skeletal balance or cause body aches. However, you should be sure to be balanced on your wedge of choice and avoid using them to do things they were not intended for. Do not use an elevator shoe contrary to its design. For instance, you don’t go about running on loafers or elevated Brogues, you could have a twisted ankle.

Health issues can only arise by actions taken by a user of height increasing shoes and not by factory designs.

The Cost

The costs of these shoes vary with designs. Professional shoes are often the most expensive.

However, for good quality shoes, which should be your campaign, the price is between $70 – $200 (USD). With the bonus offers running on Chamaripa shoes, you can catch two good shoes with $200 and save yourself some extra bucks.

Get your elevator shoes today and walk with confidence!