With new concepts being introduced to the fashion industry every day, it is easy for anyone to look perfect when the right accessories are worn. Slim people can look bigger, fat people can look slimmer and short people can look taller without going through any expensive operation, it is all about knowing the right type of clothes and shoes to wear.

How to dress to look slim and tall is not rocket science, the women seem to have effortlessly mastered it while men are still finding their way around it. Shoes that add height are a very effective method to make yourself appear more attractive no matter how short you are. Here are a few tips on how to appear taller as a man who is no so rich in the height department.

Tips on how to appear taller

  • Use high heel shoes for men

So far, this has been the best proven way to boost a man’s confidence in his height. Have you ever wondered what you would look like if about four inches could be added to your natural height? It is possible with high heel shoes for men. What’s more, these shoes are surpassingly comfortable to wear and walk about with, you will have no problems even if you wear them for long hours.

  • Wear shoe insole lifts

Height increasing shoes for men do not have to be noticeable, it will look very natural especially when you use insole lifts for your shoes. If you feel shy about wearing high heel shoes for men, you can always go for the more latent option, which is to wear shoe lifts.

The shoe lifts are detachable and can be worn with your regular shoes, you just have to fix it inside the shoe, like women do with shoe pads all the time. If you want to use lifting soles inside your shoes, make sure it already has a lifted ankle no matter how basic you want it to be. So if you fall into the category of men who ask how to grow four inches taller, the answer is in men’s shoes with heels, and with these secret insoles, everyone will think you are actually that tall.

Are elevator shoes only for short men?

You already know that these height increasing shoes for men do a very effective job at adding height for short men, but it seems tall men are also buying these shoes and most people wonder why. After all, it is a special brand of shoes made to make short men look taller. Why would an already tall man want to wear shoes that add height? What does he need more height for?

If you have asked yourself these questions, it is because you are one of those people who think men’s shoes with heels are only useful for adding height, which is not correct, you will get the answers to the question of tall men and elevator shoes below.

As a matter of fact, tall men also need elevator shoes and can wear them as much as they want, the basic reason for this is that height increasing shoes for men do more than just make you grow taller. As a short man, what you gain from wearing height increasing shoes is a lot more than extra height, there are other powerful benefits and taller men want a piece of those as well.

Most short people, especially men, are insecure about their height as they envy taller guys. What they don’t know is that taller men also have insecurities, the only difference is that yours is height and theirs is something else, that is why they are embracing height increasing shoes for men, so that they can feel better about themselves despite being tall.

There are even arguments that tall men value elevator shoes more than short men, this is because while short men only see a way to increase height when they look at elevator shoes, the taller man is seeing something more than that. What could be these other benefits that taller men embrace elevator shoes for? We will look at them shortly, so if you are a tall man who has not seen the need for height increasing shoes, it is because you have not looked at it properly to know what is in it for you.

What tall men gain when they wear shoes that add height

  • You will attract more women

Everyone knows that women generally love taller men, it makes them feel protected among other reasons, so if you want to appeal to women, things become easier for you when you look tall. If you are already tall, you still need the elevator shoes because with women, you can’t be too tall. Perhaps the biggest benefit here when it comes to finding a romantic partner is that you can appeal to any woman you want, you may be tall but what if the woman you are interested in looks taller than you?

You’ll have to wear shoes that make you taller so that you can still maintain a reasonable height difference with her. Funny thing is that she is most likely wearing heels for that extra height, so why shouldn’t you? Both short and tall women love taller men, so the taller you are, the more women you can impress.

  • You will walk in a more masculine manner

No matter your height, when you wear elevator shoes, you step changes. Just as clothed are not just for covering the body, walking is a lot more than movement, it can add to your masculinity and confidence or reduce it. Ladies may not say it to your face all the time but they love a man who walks well, you have to give a stylish and confident aura when you take steps.

Apart from looking more attractive, shoes that make you look taller will condition your legs to move in a way that commands respect, and as a man, you really want that. The mechanism is simple to understand; at home you barefoot or wearing slippers, but when you have to go out, stepping into those height increasing shoes that lift your heels and ankles will make you walk differently without causing any pain or discomfort. Have you noticed how male models walk? There is a lot of confidence in their movement and while you are not on the runway, you can emanate the same level of confidence when you are wearing the right elevator shoes.

  • You will have a better posture

Fashion and style is just as important for men as it is to women, you must have noticed how a woman walks, sits or stands when she is wearing high heel shoes, it is totally different than when she is wearing regular slippers. It is easy to see that a woman’s posture is classier when her heels are high, and that is exactly what happens to men as well. The mechanism explained above concerning how shoes that make you taller enhance your step is the same on that applies to the posture.

Your feet and entire will body adjust to the change that has happened to your height and you will see yourself minding the way you sit and pose. Apart from the obviously cooler look you will have, there are some health benefits associated with having the right posture.

The heels of your 5 inches elevator shoes are in no way painful and do not alter your bone arrangements, so you can’t have health issues from wearing them, and as they make you taller and enhance the way you pose, you will have a far less tendency to sit or stand in a way that harms your muscles.  So whether you are a tall or short man, wearing elevator shoes can help you look finer, appear taller, walk like a star and also save you money on health bills.